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When you become a Rotarian,
you become global.

Join today.

1.4 million passionate individuals. 46,000+ clubs worldwide.
Rotary is both an international organisation and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.

Now, imagine yourself as an impact on the lives of others.

Watch this.


It's a proud title
you carry around.

Over the years, our club members have contributed to the well-being of our community and the City, giving something of their skills and energy for the benefit of those in need.
We're always on the lookout for people who are passionate about giving back to the community and provide help with their skill set to help those in need.

Membership is by invitation. If you are interested in joining, here's how to go about it.

Email us.
Let us know a little about yourself and why you'd like to join our club.

We contact you.
One of our members will get back to you to discuss your interest in Rotary.
You’ll be invited to get to know the club better by attending a club meeting or a social event.

We invite you to join.
Now that you have spent some time with us and we both understand that
you’re a good fit for each other, you will be invited to join.

You become a Rotarian.
Enjoy getting involved in the club as a Rotary member. Wear the pin.
Organize a social event or service project. Lead and contribute to your new club.

We'll be in touch. Thank you.

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