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What does one do to accommodate the needs of potential Rotarians who were unable to commit to attending a regular weekly meeting?

The result is a Satellite Club.

We have two Satellite clubs - Rotary Sunderland Satellite and Rotary Sunderland City.

Both have an informal meeting structure and meetings are held once a month. Rotary Sunderland Satellite organise evening meetings at the residences of members, and at times in restaurants. Rotary Sunderland City meets at various restaurants and pubs in the City. By rotating the meetings at various establishments in the City, this contributes towards supporting local businesses getting increased footfall.

The Rotary Sunderland City satellite club has a fundraising Charity Ball event titled 'The Rotarians' Ball, to be held on June 6 2020, at The Point Sunderland.

The Satellites fully integrate with Parent Club members to enjoy fellowship and provide a range of community, vocational and fund raising services to support local and international causes.

A formal bunch. But informal. And gung-ho.


The creation of one was the principal objective of President John Bowskill, in the 2015-16 Rotary Year. John, a retired Hospital  General Manager, contacted former colleagues whom he thought  might be interested in joining Rotary and received a positive response. In order to broaden the membership he also approached guest speakers to speak at Club meetings.


By the end of the Rotary Year, the Satellite Club was established, with 9 founder members being inducted by District Governor Terry Long.